‘Reframes’ is a collective experiment made of 2 workshops and an outdoor exhibition. It is part of the Encounter Bow festival. A group of women with Vietnamese heritage get together for a chat, a bánh mì and some pinhole photography. It is the beginning of a conversation, the continuity of a conversation and the end of some conversations altogether. 'Reframes' plays with photography and languages to talk about our varied experiences of migration and strategies of resisting violences. What repeats in our life? How can we reframe what repeats in restorative ways? Our group responded to the public space around Chisenhale Dance Space and, on 12th June, for the public event, we will walk together and follow traces of those conversations, create new ones and share photographs, words and food. It will be an opportunity for all to reflect on the following: what are the memories that we want to hold onto, the ones that feed us and reconnect us to what we can do?


Pop up darkroom at Chisenhale Dance Space, May 2021. Photo: Lili Ly